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Amazon FBA
We committed to cross border E-commerce logistics, we have a professional team, are committed to providing the good service to our customers. 

FBA Shipment: Fast - Efficient - Integration – Saving

We face to global B2C tidal wave, layout actively, now we have a completed FBA shipment services.

We transport by sea, air, express in first section according to the clients’ demand, delivery goods to AMAZON FBA warehouse in worldwide efficiently and accurately, to help our customers to expand their global business. We integrate many land, sea and air logistics companies providing fast transit service, their fast and efficient transportation ensure goods delivery timely and safe, reducing FBA shipment cost huge.

FBA Air Transportation Process:

FBA Ocean Transportation Process

FBA Express Transportation Process

FBA Customs declaration Service
We can provide customs declaration service, if you FBA goods is detained by customs in import country, expect for product’s reason, we can help you to clear customs, so that can save high return back cost.
We have the following advantages:
1, We arrange Amazon FBA transportation, warehouse, customs declaration, delivery, no need to registered company in the importing country.
2, We own import and export rights, we do import and export agent work for out customer.
3, We have experienced senior domestics customs declarant.
4, We have senior customs broker partner in overseas.

FBA Label Service
Amazon sellers are generally difficult to avoid account closing, product can’t be shelves, goods returning, this is a problem each supplier will be faced. We can provide service including that receiving returned goods, exchanging label, repacking, sending goods to Amazon, etc., which can add value to your goods and avoid lost. Our overseas warehouse can provide above services. If you use our overseas warehouse, all of your goods can be used and sell maximum, you will not make money wasted to Amazon, the money intend to loose originally, now come back.

FBA Pay Customs Duty and Transportation
We are committed to provide one stop service to our customers, including pay customs duty by ocean transportation and air transportation. Through this service, E-commerce seller can accurate logistics cost before transportation, do product pricing, to reduce assessment risk, especially suitable for International trade SOHO clients, electronic commerce, foreigner direct purchase, the emigration individuals, or exporters want to relief time-consuming and tedious clearance of importers. Our service allows you to not only focus on your international import and export business, but also can track whole flow and progress of goods. We only need you a call or email, left to us to do, so you have more time and energy to develop your own business.

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