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!!Ocean Transportation!!
Our advantage services are Southeast Asia, Gulf & Red Sea, Africa, North America & South America, Europe & Mediterranean, Australia
!!Air Transportation!!
We have professional and experienced air transportation operation and customer service team, our service cover all over the world. We provide air transportation, DAP+DDP, express, exhibition services, etc.
!!Trucking & Distribution!!
We established integrated logistics management system through years professional operation, we can satisfy customer¨s one-stop requirement, we can provide domestics, terminal, Sion-HKG transportation service, etc.
!Customs Declaration & CIQ!
Customs declaration and CIQ is one of the core business of our parent company, we are the most widest coverage customs declaration cooperation, we obtained Customs AEO Certificate, GSV Certificate, etc.
!!Amazon FBA!!
We concentrated on cross-border e-commerce logistics service, and Amazon FBA business, we have professional team, we concentrated on providing FBA shipment, FBA customs declaration, FBA return goods, FBA label, etc. value added service.
!!Overseas Warehouse!!
Our logistics net covers all over the world, we established overseas warehouses in Los Angeles(USA), Portland(USA), New York(USA), Melbourne(AUS), Seoul(KOR), Tokyo(JPN), Frankfurt(GER), Pescara(ITA).
!!Bonded Logistics!!
We provide Comprehensive bonded logistics service solution to our clients, we can provide bonded logistics service in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tianjin, Dalian, Chengdu, Qingdao, Xiamen, etc.
!!Supply Chain Solutions!!
We provide high level and one stop supply chain management service, including purchasing, distribution, trading, customs declaration, logistics, finance, etc. domestic/overseas comprehensive operation and support.
Honor Certificate ¢ Your Trusted International Logistics Provider
Qualifications Service Guarantee
Service Platform Show
Service Platform
, China Customs AA Class Company
, China Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprise
, Director Unit of China Customs Association
, Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Customs Association
, Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Processing Trade Association
, Member Unit of Shenzhen Logistics & Supply Chain Management Association
, Vice President Unit of Shenzhen International Procurement & Logistics Distribution Association
, Customs AEO Senior Certificate
, ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
, GSV Global Security Verification

,WCA World Cargo Alliance (WCA Membership ID:101060)
,Professional Customs Declaration Agency (Customs No.: 4403180237)
,Pre-Classified Service Unit Qualification (Certificate No.: 201453002)
,Professional CIQ Agency (CIQ Registration No.:4700910065)
,License of Customs Supervision Goods Road Transportation (License No.:440300150203)
,General Trade Import and Export (Record No.: 4403766350979)
,International Freight Forwarder (MOFCOM19879)
,Customs Export Supervision Warehouse Registration Certificate (<Shenzhen Customs No.:038>)
,Customs Bounded Warehouse Registration Certificate (<Shenzhen Customs No.:035>)
, Logistics Service Platform
, Supply Chain Service Platform
, Integrated Bonded Platform
, Customs Declaration Service Platform
, Cross-Border E-Commerce Service Platform
, Enterprise Management Service Platform

Your Smart Choice, Your Best Partner

, Diversified services

, Hundreds of agents

, Powerful supporting teams

, Sufficient funding

, Numerous resources

, Overseas warehouses in main countries



, Fast payment and release cargo

,Fast customs declaration and distribution in destination

, One-stop door to door service

, Bonded service fasten client¨s selling goods

,Fast pick up cargo on side

,Fast local customs declaration



, Competitive freight

, Professional service teams

, Self-owned warehouses

,Professional FBA

, Customs AA class enterprise

,Self-operation trucks


4、More Economical

, Diversified services

, Save transportation cost

, Save operation sections

, Help you to find overseas agents

, Help you to operation warehouse

, Help you to deal with customs declaration and trucking

, Save your funding cost


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